Responsible, sustainable and impactful business

Panostaja wants to be involved in building vital and sustainable companies with a positive impact on the building of a better future. As an owner partner that drives growth, our effectiveness is built on developing corporate responsibility in our segments during the ownership period.

The operating model of our responsible business strategy promotes value creation for the companies and provides them with the preconditions for sustainable growth and profitability.

Read our Responsibility Annual Report 2023 here:

Panostaja Responsibility Annual Report 2023



This is what we believe


The importance of responsibility in society will increase dramatically


Responsibility is a competitive factor that creates new business opportunities


Panostaja’s operating model for responsibility efforts as an integral 
part of the continuous strategy work of our segments

Panostaja’s operating model for responsibility efforts as an integral part of the continuous strategy work of our segments

Our focus areas in the building of responsible and sustainable business

Financial responsibility and value creation

  • Our operations are guided by goal-oriented value creation and meeting profitability expectations
  • We have a positive impact on social development through the responsible channeling of capital
  • Strong financial management is at the core of building sustainable business

Social responsibility and vitality

  • We develop vital work communities where well-being and growth enable profit and sustainable value generation
  • We are a responsible and humane owner
  • We respect and promote human rights in all our activities; our work community is equal and diverse

Good governance and management

  • Our operational structures are based on strong trust and transparency
  • We strengthen the practices of good management in our own operations and those of our segments
  • We promote equality, diverse competence, openness and participation

Responsibility for the environment

  • When making an investment we consider the company’s role in the promotion of the green transition
  • Broadly speaking, responsibility for the environment means affecting the value chain: we understand the impacts that the products and services of our segments have on the environment
  • Though the business solutions of our segments, we are involved in supporting the progress of the green transition

We are committed to the PRI principles

  • In November 2022, we signed an agreement where we commit to the Principles of Responsible Investment supported by the UN (PRI). The PRI guidelines encourage companies to consider environmental, social and governance factors in investment decisions.
  • The Principles of Responsible Investment are directly aligned with Panostaja’s key values, which is why committing to shared goals is a natural step.
  • We want to promote responsibility in investment activities. We feel that our commitment to the PRI guidelines also encourages others in our field to place responsibility themes at the core of their operations.

Panostaja’s principles of responsible investment

Code of Conduct of Panostaja

We are a member of Finsif

  • In May 2023, we were selected as a member to Finsif
  • Finsif promotes the integration of responsibility perspectives into investment activities, and its vision is to make Finnish investors pioneers of responsible investment who consider the environment, society and good governance in asset management and investment decisions.