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Panostaja is a growth partner that focuses on companies in the service and software sectors and can help you take your business to the next level – still maintaining your independence. The basic tenets of our work are an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach along with responsible operating methods. Learning new things and continuous development are important values to us. Our almost 40 years of experience have shown that growth also requires a healthy amount of curiosity!

It has been clear to us from the start that active ownership based on genuine partnership is built on respect and trust between all parties and partners involved. Operational openness, transparency and regular dialogue are key in everything we do. To us, our holdings are customers and we measure their satisfaction annually and develop our own operations based on the feedback received.


Tapio Tommila CEO, Media Connections +358 40 527 6311 More about me →

Tapio Tommila

I have been working for Panostaja in a variety of roles since 2006. Over the course of these years, I have had the privilege of meeting numerous inspiring entrepreneurs and learning about a lot of companies, each more interesting than the last. It has been very rewarding to work with the key personnel of Panostaja companies in a variety of fields, which has enabled me to be involved in the building of many wonderful new stories of growth. What I like most about my work is its variable nature and the opportunity to collaborate extensively with different kinds of people.

My own background is in finances and corporate restructurings, but over the years I have learned a lot about completing changes and enabling growth, and most of all about the irreplaceable role of committed and competent people.

I primarily spend my free time with my family and my kids’ hobbies. I also try to find the time for gym workouts and other exercise each week. The pier of my summer cabin is the best place to relax in the summer.

Minna Telanne Development Director +358 400 172 477 More about me →

Minna Telanne

Growth, change and management have formed the common thread throughout my work career. I have worked in a variety of roles promoting growth and reinvention in companies large and small. Business responsibility, entrepreneurship, sales work and various development roles have provided me with a diverse range of expertise and an expansive set of tools. When you have been involved in bringing about growth and change, identifying the ingredients of a good growth story is easy. A solid foundation is built with the right strategic choices, people and competence.

I started with Panostaja in January 2013. I find the position of development manager to be an excellent vantage point into the process of creating amazing stories of growth. For me personally, operational effectiveness has always been important. As such, the best thing about my job is to be actively involved in the development of our investment targets and see the people create the results. In addition to board work, I am involved in a variety of projects and steering groups. In the big picture, my job is to promote the implementation of the investment strategies of our holdings through various operating models and tools.

In my free time, I enjoy golf and tennis. Walking my dog is also an excellent way to relax.

Niko Skyttä Investment Director +358 40 356 4867 More about me →

Niko Skyttä

I have a diverse background and extensive experience in corporate acquisitions. I have been with Panostaja since 2011. The most fascinating aspects of capital investment are changes and their management, enabling development, making correctly-timed strategic choices and, most of all, the people who make all of this possible.

I have had the privilege of working with entrepreneurs to build many amazing success stories from a variety of starting points and by a variety of means. I seize opportunities for growth and cooperation with a professional yet laid-back grip. I want to set my goals high and ensure the prerequisites for success.

I mostly spend my free time with my family and sports-related hobbies, the latest of which is tennis. In the summer, I also try to find time for boating, fishing and spending time at my summer cabin.

Antti Kauppila CFO +358 44 066 3925

Antti Kauppila

Juha-Pekka Aatola Group Business Controller +358 50 400 0931 More about me →

Juha-Pekka Aatola

I am an experienced professional in internal accounting and reporting. I joined the Panostaja team in 2012. During my 20 years of work, I have become familiar with Excel and a wide range of other tools in a variety of controller tasks. My education is in business, but I have some qualities of a practical engineer as well, which is why I do not shy away from more technical approaches to things.

My duties involve financial monitoring and reporting in relation to the business development of our holdings. I am responsible for the coordination of forecasting and strategy processes from the financial standpoint. I also take part in the various financial development projects of our investment targets, including the development of management accounting and reporting and the management of working capital. The most rewarding part of my job is to observe and support Panostaja companies in varying fields and developmental phases on their path towards growth.

Laid-back sports, preferably games you play with a stick or racket of some kind, are very much part of my spare time. In the winter, I go ice swimming a couple of times a week, which is a great way to reset any work-related and other worries.

Virpi Luoma-Marttila Group Financial Controller +358 50 557 5911 More about me →

Virpi Luoma-Marttila

I entered the diverse and interesting world of Panostaja in 2007, by way of the University of Tampere, Fujitsu-Siemens and Patria. I mainly work with the Group’s external accounting and reporting. My duties at Panostaja have offered plenty of challenging group accounting tasks amongst a highly professional yet wonderfully laid-back team.

I spend most of my free time with horses and dogs. I like to spend the summer season at my summer cabin and, in the fall, I usually enjoy the bounty of the beautiful Finnish forests by gathering mushrooms and hunting with my dogs.

Milla Store Administration Specialist +358 50 685 70 More about me →

Milla Store

For a graduate of pedagogy, the adventure in the world of investments has been very interesting. I started with Panostaja in November 2013, and my duties consist of administrative, communications and development tasks. The enticing and varying work tasks and the excellent team I get to work with have ensured my enjoyment at Panostaja.

Before Panostaja, I worked in varying HR tasks.

Sports and exercise are close to my heart, and I have been to many a hiking trail and ski slope with my boys. In my free time, I relax with my family, books and good friends, in addition to sports.

Kimmo Risikko Sijoitusanalyytikko +358 50 4343 410

Kimmo Risikko

Joona Viitanen Analyst, trainee

Joona Viitanen

Panostaja Advisory Network – boost growth with a strong network

Even though we have plenty of expertise in Finnish capital investment, it is our firm belief that you can always learn new things. New perspectives and a diverse range of experience provide an optimal foundation for success. This is why we have put together an advisory network comprising top experts in their fields that can help realize the growth strategies of our segments. Our network consists of change managers, entrepreneurs and business managers.

The Network includes

Mika Alapiessa

Mika Alapiessa, b.

Mikko-Pekka Hanski

Mikko-Pekka Hanski, b.

Ossi Pohjola

Ossi Pohjola, b.

Vesa Sironen

Vesa Sironen, b.

Sami Somero
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Sami Somero, b.

Sami Somero toimii hallitustyössä, yrittäjänä ja sijoittajana useissa kasvuyrityksissä. Hänen oma yrittäjätaustansa tulee it-konsultointiyrityksenä teollisuuden, median ja tietoliikenteen alalla vahvasti kasvaneesta Plenware-konsernista, joka nykyään on osa Knowit-yritysryhmää. Tällä hetkellä Sami toimii mm. Goforen, Haarlan, Simucuben, Tamturbon, Despron ja Anders Innovationsin hallituksissa sekä hyvää hallitustyötä suomalaisissa pk-yrityksissä edistävän Hallituspartnerit ry:n puheenjohtajana.

Joni Aaltonen

Joni Aaltonen, b.

Key Figures

Net Sales

137,9 M€

Profit/loss for the financial period

3,9 M€


5,2 M€


1 246

Share Capital Market Value

31,6 M€


Panostaja is committed to operating as an active shareholder in accordance with its principles of responsible investment. In the process of making new investment decisions and developing portfolio companies, we consider not only financial perspectives, but also issues related to the environment, social responsibility and good governance (ESG) as well. We believe that taking these perspectives into consideration in the decision-making process and procedures related to ownership is vital for our portfolio companies as well as the long-term success of Panostaja.

Panostaja’s Principles of Responsible Investment

Code of Conduct of Panostaja



Panostaja is a member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) and complies with the rules and guidelines of the Association. The FVCA has issued a set of guidelines to promote transparency in the venture capital and private equity industry. Panostaja meets these requirements.

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