Oscar Software Oy, established in 2005, is a software service company specialized in the development of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and various business services. In addition to the diverse ERP systems, Oscar provides financial management and HR services as well as software for e-commerce and services for online business. Oscar has a wide customer base which includes SMEs from various sectors (such as industry, wholesales, maintenance service business, services). The company has around 800 customers and its HQ is located in Tampere.

Net sales

11,5 M€



Share of ownership

58,4 %

Year of acquisition


Why are we involved?

The prospects for ERP systems are good and our foundations for growth are strong. The revolution brought on by digitalization, growing popularity of e-commerce and the companies’ continuous need to make internal business processes more efficient all provide positive opportunities. The challenges set by the modern business environment create a demand for quick, up-to-date reporting and real-time business data management. We are satisfied with Oscar’s abilities to continue its strong growth and renew and expand its software offering. The company is at a very interesting stage of its development and it has a strong brand on the growing market of SMEs’ enterprise resource planning systems. We wish to help the Finnish small and medium-sized enterprise sector to succeed in the midst of digitalization.