Established in 2013, CoreHW is a company providing high-added-value design services in the RF IC sector, developing RF microchips and antenna technology and offering related consulting services. The company’s business is divided into design services, consulting services as well as the development of own microchips products and licensed technologies (IP). The company’s customers include network operators, chipset manufacturers, module manufacturers and wireless technology companies providing IoT solutions (Internet of Things). The company’s head office is located in Tampere.

Net sales

7,9 M€



Share of ownership

55,8 %

Year of acquisition


Why are we involved?

IoT will continue the strong global growth of wireless solutions and technologies. The IoT markets boast an almost unlimited variety of areas where a specific wireless technology (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE, etc.) provides the optimal solution. CoreHW has extensive expertise in a diverse range of radio technologies.

The company is still small, but it is growing rapidly. We are convinced of the company’s competence in radio technologies and the opportunities this provides. On the one hand, the company’s design and consulting business is stable and profitable, while on the other hand the investments in R&D will offer amazing opportunities in the future. CoreHW is an extremely attractive company in the exploding IoT markets and represents an entirely new kind of investment in Panostaja’s portfolio.