Hygga has its own dentist clinic in Helsinki and the company licenses its Hygga Flow System in Finland and abroad. Hygga’s unique operation model is based on efficient enterprise resource planning. The model optimizes resource use, which facilitates unhurried and high-quality dentist work with individual experience levels taken into account. The operation model created by Hygga makes it possible for a customer to have all procedures that have been deemed necessary by the dentist carried out in one visit.

Net sales

7,8 M€



Share of ownership

79,8 %

Year of acquisition


Why are we involved?

Hygga’s unique operation model provides the company with several interesting growth possibilities. We expand our operation internationally in accordance with our strategy through partners. In addition, we see an excellent growth opportunity in licensing the ERP system to operators in the public sector. The strong market position in private dental services in Helsinki and the proven efficiency benefits of the operation model provide a good position for growth.