Panostaja Oyj to Carry Out a Free-Of-Charge Share Issue to the Company Itself


Panostaja Oyj, Stock Exchange Bulletin, Changes in Company´s Own Shares February 5, 2021 5.45 p.m.

Panostaja Oyj to Carry Out a Free-Of-Charge Share Issue to the Company Itself

The Annual General Meeting of Panostaja Oyj held on February 5, 2021 authorized the Board of Directors to decide on one or more share issues and the granting of options and other rights entitling to shares as referred to in Chapter 10, Section 1 of the Limited Liability Companies Act. This authorization entitles to the issue of no more than 5,200,000 shares and applies to the issue of both new and company-held shares. On the basis of the authorization, the Board of Directors will decide on all terms and conditions for share issues and options as well as on the terms and conditions for the granting of special rights providing entitlement to shares.

Under the aforementioned authorization, Panostaja Oyj's Board of Directors decided on February 5, 2021 to carry out a free-of-charge share issue of 800,000 shares, pursuant to Chapter 9, Section 20 of the Limited Liability Companies Act, to the company itself. This is to ensure that the company holds a sufficient number of its own shares for securing the commitment of key personnel and for other purposes decided on by the Board of Directors.

The new shares will be entered into the Trade Register around March 10, 2021. The new shares will be incorporated into Euroclear Finland Oy's book-entry system around March 10, 2021, and they will be made available for public trading on Nasdaq Helsinki around March 11, 2021.

On behalf of Panostaja Oyj's Board of Directors

Panostaja Oyj

Tapio Tommila

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